Items in this section are marked in various ways. Items that are available are marked as such. If a giclee print is available, it is noted. Some pictures are only available as originals and are also marked as such. If a painting is a Past Work, it may be marked UNAVAILABLE. That is only in the case of paintings sold that I cannot or wish not to redo.

 A note about giclees:  Giclee comes from the French word "to spray" which refers to ink jet spray used on large very precise printers that can both colormatch and spray in small areas to make detail precise. Most printers have three to six cartridges. Giclee printers have twelve to twenty four cartridges. My giclee prints are done on German rag watercolor paper and are absolute precise matches of the original. "You cannot tell the difference," is a comment that has been made by many patrons at Craftsmen shows. Because the original is two to two and a half times the giclee, it affords the collector a more affordable price for the same overall quality. Regardless of whether the original or giclee, paintings are all framed in the same hardwood grained frames under glass.

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